Cantor Church, Qazvin City, Iran


Cantor Church, Qazvin City, Iran

Cantor church or Bell Tower is a collection made during the occupation of Iran by Russian armies in 19th century (dating back to Qajar period, world war ||).

In constitution time an area called Cantor was dedicated to Russians where they had settled their offices. This church was built by a Russian Road Construction Company. The materials used in this building are bricks and mortar. The bricks are arranged artistically so a very beautiful building is obtained.

In the yard of the church, there are two monuments. One of them is for a Russian pilot, another one is for a Russian engineer died in Iran.

The church entrance is in the west side and it consists of a sleep roof and a door. After entering, you can see the hall space, which belfry with 11 meters height can be seen above it.

Hall is included of alter and chapel. On both sides, two rectangular space are designed.

The alter area is like a semi-circular, and there is a dome over it.

In the showcase of this church, jewels are kept.

After leaving the Russians, this church became empty (no one prayed in it), but it’s protected as a historical place.

The chapel area has a dome and in he exterior view of the church, beautiful decorative columns appear.

The architecture plan of the church is an irregular polygon, covered with glazed red brick and has a very nice view.

The particular shape of church has a different place in comparison with other Qazvin’s historical monuments.

Meaning of Cantor

Cantor in Russian language means domicile

How to get there?

Travel to Qazvin (capital city of Qazvin Province). you can take a taxi to Taleghani street, Daraei alley, south of Mashahir park ,
between a register office and a school.

Address: Iran, Qazvin, Cantor Church

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