Ovan Lake; Longer Than 300 Hundred Meters

Ovan Lake; Longer Than 300 Hundred Meters


Ovan Lake; Longer Than 300 Hundred Meters

Qazvin city is located in the western part of Iran where there are different mountains and lakes. One of the lakes about which myDorna is going to talk about is called Ovan Lake.

About Ovan Lake

The length of Ovan Lake is 325 and its width is 275 meters.

The main significance of Ovan Lake is that it is filled with the water of the springs and rainfalls don’t make it full.

The deepest part of that is less than 7 meters and its degree is about 23 Celsius centigrade.

Hobbies in Ovan Lake

In summer, because of the mild weather of the lake, people go fishing. The other hobbies that you can have here are; swimming, canoeing and etc.

Due to its cool weather, different immigrant birds like goose, ducks and seabirds spend their summer in Ovan Lake.

Ovan Lake is not only popular for its summer, but also it provides people with a good ski slope in winters so that numerous interested people visit here only in the cold season of the year.

History of Ovan Lake

It is said that the current lake is the remained part of a bigger lake which existed in the past.

Plants and Vegetation in Ovan Lake

Apart from bushes and grasses, there are different trees like; cherries, apples, walnuts, hazelnuts and etc.

Animals and Birds in Ovan Lake

Goats, tigers, bears, wolves, eagles, Quebec, turtles, crabs and other types of creatures are the animals and birds which have chosen Ovan Lake as their home. 

Fishes in Ovan Lake

Fish ducks, salmons and carps are the main fishes which can be found in Ovan Lake.

How to Get There?

Ovan Lake is 75 kilometers to from Qazvin city, so you have to take a car to get there.


Address: Iran, Qazvin province, 75 kilometers to Qazvin city, Ovan Lake

 myDorna`s special offer: if you are interested in fishing, Ovan lake can be your favorite place to do so.

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