Samiran Castle; Historical and Ancient

Samiran Castle; Historical and Ancient


Samiran Castle; Historical and Ancient

About The Area of Samiran

The area of Samiran is in the region of Tarem of Qazvin city and is located 20 kilometers from the city of Manjil and 270 meters above the sea level.

The antiquity of Samiran dates back to Deylamians, who were the people whose civilization had started from the Medes and at the time of Sasanians or even before them. Before the arrival of Iranian tribes, Deylamians lived in the mountainous part of Gilan and were considered to be the northern neighbors of the Medes and had an independent government throughout history.

After the invasion of Arabs to Iran, due to the mountainous feature of the region, they resisted for many years and the families of the “Jestan” were originated from them, but eventually in the 290s. They converted into Zandie Shia and finally, after 50 years, after the adoption of Islam, the tribes of Deylamians were found and dominated a large part of the Islamic world.

About The Castle of Samiran

By the end of the fourth century A.D., the castle of Samiran was the center of governance of Al-Mosafer, the first of whom was Mohammad bin Mosafer.

From tourist attractions of Samiran, we can refer to the castle of this region, which has unstructured roles and was built in pre-Islamic era. There are four towers from the western to the eastern part in this complex which are made of stone and brick and are attributed to Ale-Bouye dynasty.

The castle of Samiran is located in the city of Qazvin, Bahramabad village and this work was registered on April 14, 1999 with the number 2309 as one of the national works of Iran.

How to Get There?

As this castle is located close to Qazvin, you can get there by car.

Address: Iran, Qazvin, Bahramabad village, Samiran Castle

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