Hammam Qajar; Representative of History

Hammam Qajar; Representative of History


Hammam Qajar; Representative of the Previous Lifestyles

In Qazvin city there are numerous places to visit, but Hammam Qajar is the one that if you miss visiting it, you would regret your entire life.

About Hammam Qajar

This bath or Hammam, in Persian, was built in the year of 1057 A.C. by Amir-Goone Khan Qajar with the command of Shah Abbas Safavi. It was firstly known as Hammam Shahi.

Its largeness is about 1054 square meters and it is consisted of three parts.

The main gate of that opens to the southern part of and its stairs are in spiral way. The most beautiful part of the bath is the pool which is located in the downstairs.

Nowadays, the bath is used as an anthropology museum that people can visit and see the lifestyle of the previous generations.

How to Get There?

Since Hammam Qajar is located in the central part of Qazvin city, you can get there by simply taking a taxi or a private car.

Address: Iran, Qazvin province, Qazvin city, Hammam Qajar

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