Alamut Castle; Nest of Eagle


Alamut castle(means nest of eagle) castle as Babak’s fort is one of the special places of Iran. In the past, this castle was under the leadership of Hassan Sabbah (Isma’ili’s leader) and he was using it as a military base, but finally this castle which seemed unconquerable was seized by Hulagu Khan (grandson of Genghis Khan)

History of the Castle

Hassan Sabbah was born in Qom city in a Shia family. He was educated in Nishapur city when he was child. In literature history of Iran, it is said that Nizam Al-Mulk, Khayyam and Hassan Sabbah were classmates when they were child.

When he was young, he moved with his family to Ray city. A man with name of Amire Zarab attracted him to Ismailism religion. He educated in 1076 in Cairo for 3 years. After returning to the Iran, he moved to Qazvin city and established Ismailism group. He started fighting against Abbasid Caliphs. He was a very wise commander and never gave up against Abbasid Caliphs. His castles were never seized until 1256 that Hulagu Khan seized Ismailism castles.  Hassan Sabbah died in 1124.

Structure of Castle

This castle is also named as Hassan castle. It consists of two parts (western and eastern). Western part is the highest part of the castle. length of castle is 120 and width of that is different in some parts between 10 to 35 meters. Eastern part of castle is made of stones and plasters. Length of eastern part is 10 and height of that is between 4 to 5 meters. Southern part of it was a sentry part.

In the northwestern part of the castle there are two carving rooms.

In the first room, there is a that if you make it empty of water, it will be full again. In the foot of this room, there is northern wall of castle with 12 meters’ height and a terrible valley is in front of it.

In the southwestern part of the castle, there is a pool with length of 5 and width of 8 meters.

In the eastern part of the castle, there were guards of castle with their families. Today, most part of the southern wall is destroyed and eastern wall has been destroyed completely.

In this part, in addition to the place for guards, there were 3 stockpiles and 10 stables for domestic animals.

At all, we can say Alamut castle consists of two parts that are separated with a field in a middle. This castle has 3 towers and just one entrance gate in the eastern pert of it.

In the northwestern part of the Alamut mountain, there is a small cave that was used for transferring water. Builders of castle made cisterns during the time. Water of castle was collected from Kaldar river that is in the northern part of castle.

Defending Points

Only one entry is available which is situated on the right side, but the ditches around it have made it impervious.

Destruction of the Castle

This castle was destroyed and burnt by Hulagu Khan in 1256 and he used it as a prison and place for torture after seizing Mongol soldiers.

How to Get There?

This castle is placed on the northeastern part of Gazorkhan village in Qazvin province. You can get there just by taxi and car.

Address: Iran, Qazvin province, Northwestern Part of Gazorkhan Village.

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