Aquarium Tunnel; Underwater World

Aquarium Tunnel; Underwater World


Aquarium Tunnel; Underwater World

About Aquarium Tunnel

For seeing collection of different fishes and having an underwater experience, it is good for you to travel to Isfahan and visit Aquarium of this city. In Isfahan city, there is a tunnel with length of 6 kilometers that is placed 6 meters underground. This tunnel is home to different types of fishes. There is at least one sample of all the fishes in this aquariums.

One of the interesting points about here is that you can feed fishes with pacifier and with your hands. It’s not necessary to travel all around the world for seeing 350 different samples of different rare fishes. By walking in this tunnel, you will feel something like walking underwater. This big tunnel consists of 33 aquariums with the width of 5 and length of 10 meters.

Atmosphere of the aquariums is set as an atmosphere of places that different fishes live. For example, if a sample of fish lives in temperature of 25 Celsius, aquarium of this sample is set as a temperature of 25 °C. One hundred samples of these fishes are the most dangerous and rare species of the world.

Some of the Fishes in This Aquariums

  1. Shark
  2. Seahorse
  3. Octopus
  4. Starfish


This place is in Nazhvan forest park. This park is placed in western part of Isfahan city. In this park, you can boat, ride bike and use other entertainment facilities.

How to get there?

This place is in the city and you can get there by car, taxi and bus.

Address: Iran, Isfahan, Nazhvan Forest Park, Aquarium Tunnel

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