Abyaneh; Red Village

Abyaneh; Red Village


Abyaneh; Red Village

Near Natanz county, there is a historical village known as Abyaneh situated near a mount with name of Karkas. Based on researches, this village was built in 1500 years ago. Keep reading the article to know more about Abyaneh.


Abyaneh is located 40 kilometers northwest of Natanz and 80 kilometers southwest of Kashan.


Based on dialects which are spoken here, Abyaneh is also named as Viuona that this word consists of two parts.

Vi: Willow

Viyaneh: Lands of Willows

Viuona means the lands of willows and it seems that there were great willow trees near the village. In the year of 1981, houses of the village were 500 that all of them were near Barzrud river. There are old emirates dating back to Sassanid, Seljuq, Qajar and Safavid eras.


Here, houses are made of brick and clay and they have wooden windows. View of the houses are decorated with clay which is prepared from the mine near here. Jobs of people are animal husbandry, gardening and farming. Products like wheat, grain, potatoes and fruits like walnut, apple, pear and apricot can be found in this village. Another job of people here is carpet weaving. It would be interesting to know that there are 30 workshops for this vocation. Based on some documents, it seems that the dialect of the people and the way of wearing clothes has never changed. Men wear long black trousers and women wear floral clothes.

One of the attractions of the village is the fire temple of Zoroastrians. There are also 3 historical castles here.

You can visit holy places near the village. One of them is Bibi Zobeideh Khatun and the others are Imamzade Yaya and Imamzade Musa whom are Imam Musa Kazem’s children. There is a pool in the yard near the monument. Dome of the monument is decorated with light blue stones. There are inscriptions in the hall. There is neither poem nor sign around the tombstone, but there are inscriptions on the upper parts of internal space that shows the names of architects and the date of construction. Also, there is a tribune in the internal part of monument.

There are 11 mosques here that the most popular of them is Jameh. This mosque has two bedchambers that one of which has an alter made of wood during Seljuq Dynasty. Architects of that period carved Quranic words in the alter. On the door of the mosque, there are beautiful paintings like bushes and flowers.

How to Get There?

Follow Amir Kabir freeway from Isfahan to Kashan. Near Kashan, change your way to Anar boulevard. Follow Hanjan way after passing Anar boulevard to reach Abyaneh Village.

Address: Iran, Isfahan Province, Abyaneh Village

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