Abbasi Hotel; The Oldest Museum of The World

Abbasi Hotel; The Oldest Museum of the World


Abbasi Hotel; The Oldest Museum of the World

During Safavid era, different places, schools and hotels were built in Isfahan city. One of the hotels which was built by Sultan Hussein was Abbasi Hotel. having built the hotel, Sultan Hussein donated it to his mother and because of his action, some people name here Madar Shah.

About Abbasi Hotel

This place is more famous as Cheharbagh since it is used for the place of education for more than 300 years. Cheharbagh is covered with beautiful tiles and it is unique in its own pace. There is a marketplace on the northern part of this school that is used for selling handicrafts. Construction of this school started in 1701 and was finished in 1717. Different dates on the walls of this place show the years of construction.

Cheharbagh school was not just a place of education school. It is also used as caravanserai and marketplace. This building as other caravanserais of Safavid era has a yard in the shape of square with length and width of 80 meters. In the yard of the caravanserai, there are plants and flowers and a river crosses from the middle of that.

Traders were more interested in first floors, because they were more cold in summer and nearer to the stockpiles. This place has a restaurant in which Isfahani people and other passengers served foods. But after Afghans invasion, it became abandoned until Naser Ad-din Qajar. Because of the wide yard of this place, in Pahlavi era, it was used as a shipment location of trucks for transferring sugar and sugar loaf. This actions resulted in the destruction of the place, for example, tiles and plasters of the walls got ruined during the time.

Iran Insurance Organization started to repair this place. French engineers were in the charge of repairing caravanserai in the years of 1965-67, but after that, Iranian engineers took the responsibility of repairing here.

How to Get There?

This place is in Isfahan city and it is easy to get there by any vehicle. For getting there, go to Amadegah street. You will find this hotel, beside Hasht Behesht palace.

Address: Iran, Isfahan City, Amadegah Street, Abbasi Hotel, Abbasi Hotel

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