Shole Zard; Delicious and Festive

Shole Zard; Delicious and Festive


Shole Zard; Delicious and Festive

Shole Zard is an ethnic dessert of Iran that is mostly cooked is sacraments. You can also cook Shole Zard for banquets. Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Shole Zard.


A cup of rice

Six cups of water

Two cups of sugar

Almond Slices (1/4 cup)

Butter (50 grams)

Powder of saffron (1/2 cup)

Rosewater (1/2 cup)

Crushed Cardamom (1/4 teaspoon)


Pistachio slices (1/4 cup)

How to Cook?

  1. Decant rice in a bowl of water and salt and wait for 6 hours. Throw away water of bowl, decant rice in a pot with 6 cups of water, put it on stove, and let it boil with high temperature. When you felt there is no water in pot, turn down the flame (lower the temperature). Put cover of pot and let it cook.
  2. After an hour, add sugar and stir them. Next, add butter, cardamom, and powder of saffron to it and stir them.

Attention: in this step, you should stir ingredients constantly. When you felt ingredients are mixed completely, add rosewater, stir them, and then turn off the stove.

Guidance: generally, you need 3 hours for these two steps.

At the end, use cinnamon, almond and pistachio slices for decorating.

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