Sateri Polo; Ethnic Food of Razavi Khorasan

Sateri Polo; Ethnic Food of Razavi Khorasan


Sateri Polo; Ethnic Food of Razavi Khorasan

One of the classical ethnic foods of Razavi Khorasan is Sateri polo. This food is ethnic food of all Khorasan provinces, Razavi, North and South, but originally it is ethnic food of Mashhad city.


Rice (2 cups)
Minced meat (1/2 lbn or 200 gr)
Dry raisin (one cup)
Carrots (150 gr)
Onions (150 gr)
Turmeric (one teaspoon)
Powder of saffron (3 tablespoons)
Salt, oil and powder of pepper (in sufficient amount)
Lavash bread and circle pieces of potato (in sufficient amount for putting at the bottom of the pot).

How to Cook?

1. Put rice in a basin with salt and water for 90 minutes.
2. Wash raisins with water (if they’re hard, put them in a cold water to become looser).
3. Grate carrots with grater after having them washed with water. Grate onions and make them dry by dewatering with pressing between a cloth.
4. Add grated onions with salt and powder of pepper to minced meat in a medium pot. Put a pot on stove with medium temperature and roast them.
5. Then give the shape of balls to meats which were mixed with other materials. Put balls in a frying pan and then pour oil and put the pan on stove with medium temperature and wait until the sound of meat being roasted is heard.
6. Roast carrots in separate pot with a table spoon of oil.
7.Then add raisins to carrots and roast them for 5 minutes. Add powder of saffron and balls of meat to the pot and mix them. Turn off the stove now.
8.Throw away the salty water of rice. put the salty rice in the separate pot with boiling water. After the rice boiled, pour it in the basket and wash with water.
Pour 3 tablespoons of oil and one tablespoon of saffron and at the bottom of the pot of rice, put circle-shaped potatoes and lavash bread. Take rice back to the pot and put the pot on stove with medium temperature for an hour.

Enjoy your meal

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