Zarivar Lake; Western Jewelry of Iran

Zarivar Lake; Western Jewelry of Iran


Zarivar Lake; Western Jewelry of Iran

Zarivar lake is located in 3 kilometers western part of Marivan city. Enjoy sailing, travelling with family, taking photos, walking, camping and splashing water in this lake. This almost-inland phenomenon is one of the beautiful natural sources of Kurdistan Province which is 1258 meters higher than the sea. Zarivar is surrounded by mounts covered with oak, pear and almond trees. Length, width and depth of this lake is 5, 1.6 and 5.5 meters respectively. Weather of this lake in springs and summers is cool. In autumns and winters, weather gets cold and sometimes the water freezes. Water of this lake is supplied from melting snows and rainfalls. No river is connected to Zarivar Lake. There are different plants and animals here. One of the attractions of Zarivar lake is small islands in the middle of it.


The main name of this lake was Zirvabar which changed to Zarivar after some years.

Zari: Lake

Var: Beside

Zarivar: Beside the Like

Local people believe that there is treasure at the bottom of the lake. Zar means treasure and one of the reasons for naming here is peoples` beliefs.

Facilities and Attractions

Restaurants with various foods, parking, four-star hotel and a beautiful view, has made here as a center of tourism. Sailing boat can be joyful here. Walking around and seeing the landscape of the lake, looking at the sky at night and other things are just small portion of attractions in here.

Plants and Animals

There are different plants here like pear, apple, oak mint and etc.

There are different species of fishes living in the lake like black fishes, carp and a kind of big shrimp. Different birds like hawk, eagle, duck and swallow are also living here.

You should be careful near here because some animals like wild cat, pig, fox, jackal, rabbit and hog might attack you.

How to Get There?

From Sanandaj City, go to 135 kilometers to Marivan. The lake is located 3 kilometers west of Marivan city.

Address: Iran, Kirdistan Province, Marivan City, Zarivar Lake

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