Zanjan Bazaar; The Longest Traditional Bazaar in The World

Zanjan Bazaar; The Longest Traditional Bazaar in The World


Zanjan Bazaar; The Longest Traditional Bazaar in The World

About Zanjan Bazaar

The construction of Zanjan Bazaar began during Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar era and was completed in 1213 during Fathali Shah Qajar period and in 1324, mosques and baths were added to it. The old market collection is divided into two parts, Eastern and Western. The geographic extent of Zanjan bazaar and the diversity of ways in the subordinate sections has caused each part to be dedicated to a particular activity and the existence of mosques is indicative of the dynamism of this complex over the past times. This bazaar, which is the longest and largest traditional market in Iran and the world, has been expanded from the western and eastern part.

Zanjan Bazaar is divided into eight ways in terms of production and types of activities, including goldsmiths`, shoemakers`, mercers`, leather manufacturers` and several other ways. From the most important caravansaries of this place, which had an important role in the supply of goods in the past, can be named Haj Ali Gholi Caravanserai and Haj Karbala’i Ali.

Architectural Aspect of Zanjan Bazaar

Architectural techniques and styles and decorations of Qajar era have been beautifully executed in the ways, chambers, small stores, mosques and in-land caravansaries. These techniques include the use of arches and crests-like ceilings, decorated with bricks and different geometric patterns. The culmination of these architectural styles and decorative techniques and innovations has emerged in the elements of the historical mosques of Zanjan, especially Jame`e mosque of this city.

How to Get There?

Zanjan Bazaar is situated in the central part of this city, so no need to bother yourself for getting there because you can reach it with any vehicle.

Address: Iran, Zanjan province, Zanjan city, Zanjan Bazaar

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