Wooden Mosque of Nishapur; Beautiful and Tight

Wooden Mosque of Neyshabur; Beautiful and Tight


Wooden Mosque of Nishapur; Beautiful and Tight

Neyshabur is a city on the way to Mashhad and it’s a city for attracting tourists and passengers any year because of some famous places like wooden mosque, Khayyam monument, etc.

If you travel to this city, you will see passengers who have traveled to this city not only from different cities of Iran, but also from all around the world.

About Wooden Mosque


Near Nishapur, a mosque is made of wood and it is known as wooden mosque.

This mosque is located in Chubin village and was built by Hamid Mojtahedi in the year of 2000.

Architecture of The Mosque


This mosque is the only mosque in the world which is anti-earthquake that have 200 meters substructure and it’s roof is like a gable. There are 2 huge minarets with height of 13 meters. If you look from the bird`s view, you will understand it looks like a reverse ship. There are 7 inscriptions on the walls of mosque with qur’anic texts. The walls of this mosque are made of woods of walnut and berry trees.

Special Features of The Mosque


Construction of this place took about 2 years. This mosque can be tight against earthquakes with 8 Richter scales. Framework of the mosque is like a ((L)) letter. Minarets are stuck to the roof and the shape of the roof is like a spider’s web. Around the mosque, there are wooden library, museum, bakery, some wooden houses, some field for farming and animal husbandry, and green nature that you will imagine heaven by looking at it.

How to get There?


Best way for getting there is taxi or private car, buses get there rarely.

Address: Khorasan Razavi Province, Nishapur, Chubin village, Wooden Mosque.

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