White bridge, Ahwaz; A Cantilever Bridge

White bridge, Ahwaz; A Cantilever Bridge


White bridge, Ahwaz; A Cantilever Bridge

About the Bridge

In ahwaz city, a bridge is placed on Karun river which is famous as a Whith bridge (it is also named as crescent or cantilever bridge). This bridge was built in 1936 and it is considered as symbol of Ahwaz. Length of it is 502, width is 12 and its height is 13 meters. There are two arches on this bridge with Lengths of 12 and 20 meters.

History of Building the Bridge

At first, a German engineer with his wife started to build this bridge but a few years later, English forces seized the bridge and the engineer died. So the wife of German engineer took responsibility for building the White bridge.

Reflection of different lights in spring give a beautiful view to this bridge.

Other bridges on Karun river

  1. Dark Bridge: built in 1929 with length of 1150 and width of 6 meters. The name of this bridge is because of its dark color and it’s used for trains to cross from.
  2. Sevvom Bridge: Built in 1970 with width of 14 and length of 496 meters.
  3. Naderi Bridge: Founded in 1975 with length of 576 and width of 18 meters.
  4. Panjom Bridge: Founded in 1997 with length of 480 and width of 31 meters.
  5. Sheshom Bridge: Founded in 2007 with length of 740 and width of 31 meters.
  6. Haftom Bridge: built in 1999 with length of 490 and width of 16 meters (12.6 meters’ width for vehicles and 3.5 meters for walkers). This bridge is so beautiful because of its artificial waterfall. This waterfall is the tallest artificial waterfall in the Middle East.
  7. Hashtom Bridge: known as Kabli Bridge and it is alike the bridges built in the U.S.A. Width and lengths of this bridge are 643 and 13 meters. It was founded in 2012.
  8. Nature Bridge: founded in 2014 and it’s just for walkers.
  9. Nohom Bridge: for decreasing traffic. construction of this bridge started from 2014 and it’s not completed yet.

How to get there?

The white bridge is in the central part of Ahvaz and you can reach it by bus, car or taxi.

Address: Iran, Khuzestan Province, Ahwaz, Karun River, White Bridge.

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