Vakil Bazar; Trading Center of Zand Dynasty

Vakil Bazar; Trading Center of Zand Dynasty


Vakil Bazar; Trading Center of Zand Dynasty

One of the attractions of Shiraz near Municipality square and center of the city is Vakil Collection. Vakil Bazaar dates back to Zand era and is the most popular classical bazaar in Iran.


When Karim Khan Zand traveled to Lar city and saw Lar bazaar, he tried to construct a Bazar like that in Shiraz. Construction of the Bazaar started in 1758 and finished in 1779.

After constructing the bazaar, it was chosen as the center of trading. Although here was constructed 300 years ago, todays, it is also used as a trading center.

Materials of which Bazaar is made consist of plaster, brick and columns of stones. Height of the roof here was 11 meters, but it got lowered to 10 meters. There was a pool in Vakil bazaar which was destroyed because of increasing the level of bazar’s ground.

There are different shops of handicrafts from which you can buy different souvenirs. The most prominent things that sold here are carpet, cloth and classical ornaments.

Entrances of bazaar are in Zand, Taleqani and Lotfali Khan streets.

Address: Iran, Shiraz Municipality, Vakil Bazaar

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