Torshi Shami Gilani


Torshi Shami is one of the ethnic foods of Gilan province which is cooked very easy.


Minced veal meat (1 lbs)

Grated onion (just 1 medium-sized)

Chopped parsley (1/2 cup)

A yolk

Verjuice (1/2 cup)

Two cocked potatoes without skin

Boiled powder of saffron, oil, powder of pepper, water and salt (in sufficient amount)

Torshi Shami Gilani
Torshi Shami Gilani

How to cook?

Mix saffron, chopped parsley, powder of pepper, salt, grated onion, yolk and veal meat. Then, put them in a bowl with boiled water.

Grate potatoes on them and knead them to mix perfectly.

In a frying pan, pour oil, put the pan on the stove, turn on the stove, and wait for 2 minutes. Pick up a little part of mixed materials and give them a shape like a circle with your hands and Put them in pan. Repeat this steps and wait until the color of the Shamies are changed (3 or 4 minutes). Take Shamies out of the pan.

Pour verjuice on them , take them back into the pan and wait between 20 and 35 minutes until they are cooked.

Attention: never pour verjuice directly on hot oil; because it’s so dangerous

Attention: Always, the temperature of stove for cooking this food should be medium.

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