Tomb of Nader Shah; Presentation of Nader`s Glory

Tomb of Nader Shah; Presentation of Nader`s Glory


Tomb of Nader Shah; Presentation of Nader`s Glory

Tomb of Nader Shah is a building designed and built by Houshang Sihoun in 1942 as a remembrance of Nader Shah Afshar in the garden complex of Naderi Museum in Mashhad. The tomb of Nader Shah is in the central part of his burial site and is consisted of two museum galleries, one of which is the museum of weapons of various periods in Iran‘s history and the other is related to the works of the Nader Shah era. Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Tomb of Nader Shah.


Nader Shah, during his lifetime, ordered to build a small shrine in the central part of Mashhad. This small tomb, made of clay and adobe, was built in 1145 A.H. in the vicinity of Imam Reza holy shrine. In the late Qajar era, Qvam-al-Saltanah built a new tomb in the place of one of the ruined Tomb of Naderi and carried his bones from Tehran to the nowadays-place.

The new building at the current site of his tomb was set up until the Iranian National Works sought to build a suitable mausoleum for Nader Shah. Construction of this work began in 1336 and ended in 1342. The new building of the tomb was reopened on December 12, 1962, with the presence of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, at the initiative of the National Society for Iranian Art in Naderi Gardens.

The current mausoleum of Nader Shah is located on the northwest side of Shahada crossway and it is considered to be the most important touristy and historical place inside Mashhad after Imam Reza holy shrine. The building was built in an area of 14,400 square meters. The mausoleum consists of a twelve-pillar platform, a grave site, a tent-tiled tower on the grave, a high-rise platform next to the grave with a statue of Nader Shah, a horse and three others following him.

The sculpture of Nader Shah, riding a horse with a few of his soldiers over a rocky summit, was made by the late sculptor Abolhassan Sedighi. The tomb materials are rough and hard rocks of Mashhad. The cover of the tomb is quite like a nomadic tent, in which Nader was born and killed. The cover of the interior walls of the tomb is also selected from the marble gems to better convey the murder of Nader Shah inside the tent.

Naderi museum, in the main part of tomb of Nader monument, introduces the historical works of the king`s period:

1) It presents various objects related to Afshar era. These objects are different types of weapons, clothing and paintings of scenes of war and horseback riding of Nader Shah.

2) Currently, some pictures and historical information related to Nader Shah Afshar’s life as well as Colonel Mohammad Taghi Khan Pesian are presented here. Also, in the northern corner of the tomb of Nader, tomb of Mohammad Taghi Khan Pesian is located.

How to Get There?

The tomb is located in the very central part of Mashhad, so going there is as easy as you wish. Public transportation is the most suitable choice for you to reach the must-to-go place.

Address: Iran, Razavi Khorasan, Mashhad, Tomb of Nader Shah

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