Tomb of Hafez; A Place of Literature and History

Tomb of Hafez; A Place of Literature and History


Tomb of Hafez; A Place of Literature and History

Tomb of Hafez or better known as Hafeziie (in Iran), is one of the most famous and popular places not only in Iran, but also in abroad.

Lots of traditional celebrations such as Nowruz and Hafez`s commemoration are held in this historical garden and due to the fact that Shirazi and Iranian believe in poems composed by Hafez, his tomb is always visited by everybody from here and there.

Tomb of Hafez is located in Golestan street in Shiraz and it is not possible for a person to travel to this city and not going to this poet`s tomb.

The largeness of Hafeziie is about 19116 square meters and is places in one of the most well-known graveyards of Shiraz, Khak Mosalla.

65 years after death of Hafez, in 856 A.H, Shams Al-ddin Mohammad Yaghmaei, minister of Mirza Abolghasem Baber Goorkani known as governor of Shiraz, built a tomb for this poet as the first time.

On the tomb, there is a dome and in the front of that, there is a pool which was filled with water of Rokn Abad river. This building firstly in Shah Abbas Safavid`s and then Nadershah Afshar`s era was refurbished.

In 1187 A.H, Karim Khan Zand, built a hall containing 40 columns and a garden in front of that. The stones used in this building are marble.

The largeness of the tomb of Hafez, in general, is 20000 square meters with four gates.

On the east side, there are private tombs belonging to Farbod and Moaddel family.

How to get there?

Since Shiraz is one of the most crowded and beautiful cities, the best way for escaping from the crowdedness of the streets is taking a taxi. But if you want to enjoy the weather and the scenery of this city, you can take a walk to the tomb of Hafez from Adabiiat Crossroad.

Address: Iran, Fars Province, Shiraz, Hafeziie Street.


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