Tomb of Baba Teher; National and Historic

Tomb of Baba Teher; National and Historic


Tomb of Baba Teher; National and Historic

About Baba Teher

Baba Taher, who was living in the late fourth and early fifth centuries, is one of the great poets and mystics of his time. He is one of the most famous couplet composers of Persian literature. From Baba Taher, in addition to couplets, other literary works, several sonnets, Arabic and Farsi idioms and a book named Fate are remained.

About Tomb of Baba Teher

Tomb of Baba Taher, in Hamedan, is placed in a rectangular square with a turquoise dome on a low hill. The tomb tower is on an octagonal basement. The octagonal columns of the tower, the gravestone, the floors and steps of the tomb are carved out of granite stone and the main building is 10×10 meters in size with a set of prisms covered with entrance and windows.

The facade and ground of the tomb are made of stone and there are inscriptions of tiles inside it.

In the inner part of the tomb, there are 24 couplets written and installed on 24 pieces of marble. Also, there are two plates installed inside, one of which is the name of the founding board of National Monument during the construction of the tomb, and the other is the names of some characters who were buried alongside Baba Taher. The total area of the tomb and its garden is estimated at 8965 square meters.

History of Tomb of Baba Teher

Tomb of Baba Taher is located on a hill in the northwest of Hamedan. Over the ages, this building has been destroyed and reconstructed. This monument dates back to Seljuk period. in the 6th century, a brick-made octagonal tower was built on the grave of Baba Taher, which later became devastated by time. At the time of the first Pahlavi, Hamedan municipality built a new building instead of the old one, which was mostly made of bricks. In the course of this rebuilding, the tile of 7th century, which is already kept at the Museum of Ancient Iran, was obtained. On this turquoise tile, some Qur’anic verses are written in prominent Kufi handwriting. The construction of a new building in 1344 was carried out by some national organizations and by Mohsen Forooghi, the architect.

The new tomb is a magnificent masterpiece of the new age architecture, the original design of which is a combination of the architecture of seventh and eighth centuries and the present era.

How to Get There?

Tomb of Baba Teher is located in Hamedan city, so you can get there easily.

Address: Iran, Hamedan city, Tomb of Baba Teher

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