Tiznoo House; A Historical Building in Modern Time

Tiznoo House; A Historical Building in Modern Time


Tiznoo House; A Historical Building in Modern Time

In historical part of Dezful in Khuzestan province in Iran, brick-made houses can be seen very well and because of this reason, Dezful is also known as Brick city.

myDorna suggests tourists to visit this beautiful place and enjoy historical and traditional architecture.

About Tiznoo House

Tiznoo house was built in Safavid era and refurbished in Qajar dynasty.

The house is located in Qala`a vicinity, which is the most historic part of Dezful and because of protecting Sasani bridge, this part of city is named as the Qala`a.

Walls of Tiznoo house are made of mixture of brick and bricklayer and anybody who wanted to enter, could come in from western part which is opened to the center of main part of Qala`a.

In both sides of entrances, there are some platforms for tired people and passengers who wanted to rest for some minutes.

Having crossed the big door of the house, you`ll see a part which is called Hashti. On the left side of Hashti, guest room and on the right side, we can see the private room of Tiznoo house.

Also, Hashti works as a cover so that the people inside won`t be seen by others in the outer part. The ceiling and floor of Hashti have sea-like tiles.

After Hashti, we come into the outer part of the house. The main and first thing which attracts anybody`s attention is the big yard. The decoration of all the walls of the yard is done by Dezfuli architects.

Exterior Part

There are two iwans in Tiznoo house; one as the main and the others as secondary. The building has two floors.

In the main iwan, a kind of glass was, known as Arasi, is used that when the sun shines, the reflection of it makes anybody attracted.

How to get there?

By taking a taxi, you can reach Tiznoo house.

Address: Iran, Khuzestan Province, Dezful, Eastern part of the main square of Qala`a vicinity.

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