Tis Graveyard; Cemetery of The Elves

Tis Graveyard; Cemetery of The Elves


Tis Graveyard; Cemetery of The Elves

Cemeteries have always been scary places. Now, imagine some people think that the dead which are buried here are not human, but elves. The cemetery of the village of Tis around Chabahar is one of them. Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Tis graveyard.

About Tis Graveyard

Silent and mysterious cemetery is located in the southeastern point of Iran, Sistan & Balouchestan province, Chabahar city, Tis village. An ancient village with an age of 2300 years old, in which the Baloch have a long-standing belief that the nature of this village is the graveyard of elves.

The graves are dug on a rocky surface. Digging these graves makes any visitor wonder about them and unintentionally you may ask Who has dug these graves? Why rocky surface is chosen to be dug? What kind of tools they have used to dig with? In response to these questions, we do not hear anything, but silence.

Perhaps, because of the preservation of the dead, the ancient people made graves like these. Maybe the Baloch wanted to respect the dead and maybe the local people are right to believe that “these graves belong to elves. At night, they are present at the grave of their lost ones and mourn and weep for their ancestors. Anyone who passes through the cemetery at night will be cursed by them and will die with a severe punishment after a few days. “

Todays, human beings have difficulty digging these graves on a hard rocky surface. Perhaps this is why local people attribute digging these graves to a supernatural force. The cemetery is located on a low hill and at the foothills of Mount Pillbang. Beside this cemetery, which is known as the first cemetery of Tis, today’s graveyard is located in the village, but graves of this cemetery are drilled on a soft soil surface. Although the local people bury their dead people in this graveyard, they are careful not to go to the cemetery of elves at night!

How to Get There?

This graveyard is located in the vicinity of Tis village, so if you want to get there, you should take a car because there is no other option.

Address: Iran, Sistan & Balouchestan province, Chabahar city, Tis village, Tis graveyard

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