Tekyeh Moaven al-molk; Historical Place for Religious Rituals

Tekyeh Moaven al-molk; Historical Place for Religious Rituals


Tekyeh Moaven al-molk; Historical Place for Religious Rituals

Iran is a traditional and religious country in Middle East in which there are lots of places for having held ceremonies and rituals.

One of the places which is in the western part of Iran is called Tekyeh Moaven al-molk.

About Tekyeh Moaven al-molk

Tekyeh Moaven al-molk was built by Hossein Khan in 1320 A.C. for holding religious ceremonies. After him, Moein Al-Roaya used this place for solving problems of anybody`s life in addition to a religious place.

Before Islamic revolution in Iran, soldiers of Qajar kings attacked the mosque and killed the people who had come here to protect themselves. As they attacked, decorations on the walls and lusters were destroyed.

Asghar Memar Bashi was the bricklayer of the mosque. He was the person who made the place one of a kind because he used unique embellished tiles. The images on the tiles are related to religious stories and tales. Hassan Khan had also a role. He was the architect of Tekyeh Moaven al-molk.

This place has three entries that the western one opens to Haddad Adel street, the northern one leads to Moaven al-molk alley and the southern one goes to Ilkhani alley.

Three Major Parts of Tekyeh Moaven al-molk


This part of Tekyeh Moaven al-molk is in the underground. You have to go 17 stairs down to reach Husseinie. In this part, there are rooms decorated with religious images and paintings.


In this part, there is a vast courtyard with walls which decorated with beautiful images and paintings related to religion. Also, there are two museums in Abbasie part of Tekyeh Moaven al-molk.


Here is another part of Tekyeh Moaven al-molk which is located within the mosque.

How to Get There?

After going to Kermanshah city (capital town of Kermanshah province), you can get to Tekyeh Moaven al-molk by taxi or car.

Address: Iran, Kermanshah province, Kermanshah city, Tekyeh Moaven al-molk

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