Taq-e Bostan; Glory of Sassanid’s Art

Taq-e Bostan; Glory of Sassanid’s Art


Taq-e Bostan; Glory of Sassanid’s Art

You can find historical places all around Iran. Iran is a country with rich history and culture. Today we are going to talk about one of the historical places of this country dating back to Sassanid era.

History of Taq-e Bostan

There are different ideas about history of Taq-e bostan. Mansour Khalaj believes that this place was garden of Sassanid kings and dates back to 13 centuries ago. Arthur Christensen believed that Sassanid kings engraved their pictures on the walls.

Taq-e Bostan reveals different Sassanid Kings coronations. You can divide this place into 3 main parts. 1) Small Arch, related to Schapur the 3rd.  2) Big Arch, picture of Chosrau Parviz. 3) Coronation of Artaxerxes the second. It seems that Sassanid kings had chosen Takht-e Jamshid for engraving their sculptures, but when Artaxerxes the second got the power, he ordered to engrave his sculpture on the wall of Taq-e Bostan and it was because of a good situation of it. Taq-e Bostan was close to Silk Road.

Architecture of Taq-e Bostan

As we explained, Taq-e Bostan is divided into 3 main parts. You can say it is a collection of special arts of Persian kings that has remained from the past until present time. Shapes of Taq-e Bostan show the art of music and painting.

Shapes that are on the wall have been engraved with special talents like engraving Chosrau Parviz with lozenges of his cloth. Materials of this Arch are gray stones, on which it is not possible for any plant to grow. There is also a shape of Mithra with arrows on her crown showing radiation of light.

Shape of Hunting Deers and Hogs

We can also say that this arch was the hunting ground of Sassanid kings due to the shapes which were engraved. These shapes show elephant riders leading deer to the hunting ground, a king with blade and arch, and finally women behind the king.

The Tree of Life

Some shapes like hunting ground, the tree of life and angel with two wings show the happiness of Sassanid kings with people.

Unfortunately, different invasions to Iran like Arabs`, Mongol’s, English`s and Soviet armies has damaged this place like a lot.

How to Get There?

You can find Taq-e Bostan on the hill side with this name, a cross from the Taq-e Bostan Lake.

Address: Iran, Kermanshah city, Taq-e Bostan

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