Tabriz Citadel; Can Be Seen from Every Where

Tabriz Citadel; Can Be Seen from Every Where


Tabriz Citadel; Can Be Seen from Every Where


In western cities of Iran, specially Tabriz, there are numerous historical buildings one of which is called Tabriz Citadel.

About Tabriz Citadel

This building is also known as Ali Shah citadel and it was built in 8th century.

It is said that the bricklayer firstly intended to construct a mosque, but he couldn`t do so and now just a building as a citadel is remained here.

In the next years, since some minarets were remained, the people used here as a military castle which protected the city of Tabriz for several decades.

In Qajar era, some walls were added to Tabriz Citadel, but in Pahlavi dynasty and after that in Islamic revolution these unusable walls and added constructions were destroyed.

When Ali Shah was the governor of Tabriz, he wanted to build a mosque but when he died, the project was stopped and after the beginning of the war between Iran and Russia in 1804 and 1824 the citadel was used as a military base.

Also, in Qajar era, the kings and armies used Tabriz Citadel as an storage for the guns and weapons.

It is believed that there used to be an iwan with the width of 30.15 and the height of 25 meters. Also, the thickness of the walls is about 10.40 meters.

How to Get There?

Tabriz Citadel is in the downtown, so you can easily go there.


Address: Iran, East Azerbaijan province, Tabriz city, Tabriz Citadel

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