Tabiaat Bridge; Across Over Tehran

Tabiaat Bridge; Across Over Tehran


Tabiaat Bridge; Across Over Tehran

Tabiaat is a bridge on which if you stand, you would have Tehran under your feet. There are touristy places on the bridge like; restaurants, benches and coffee shops. Reflection of the lights at night give a beautiful view to the bridge. This connector with the height of 40 meters and area of 7950 square meters is the biggest bridge for walking in the middle east.


  1. Watching The City
  2. Walking
  3. Spending your time in cafes and Restaurants
  4. Taking Photos
  5. Abo Atash Park and Taleqani Garden


Construction of the bridge started in the year of 2010. Constructor of this project was Leila Araghian.

After four years, construction of the bridge finished. The bridge called Tabiaat since it has some features that has made it like nature. For example, columns like trees.

Surface of the bridge is covered with wood. Interesting to know that this thing is resistant against earthquakes.

The bridge has 3 floors:

  1. There are restaurants and cafes on the first floor.
  2. Second floor is for walking.
  3. The best part for taking photos and watching other parts of the city is the 3rd floor.

Address: Iran, Tehran, Modarres Highway, Tabiaat Bridge

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