Stars Valley; A Breakthrough from the Collapse of the Stars


Stars Valley; A Breakthrough from the Collapse of the Stars

Firm, tall, shaved and natural columns with mysterious shape and image above your head.

This place is named as stars valley.

Why Choosing this Place for Touring?

1. Stars valley is one of the wonderful places in Iran that seeing this place will make you amazed.

2. This valley is one of the most unique phenomena of geology.

3. This place is a mysterious one and it will lead you to the mysterious world.

You can find such a beautiful place in the United States.

This place is also known as a erosion valley with 15 meters height, located on northern part of Qeshm island near Berkeh-ye Khalaf village. When you enter this place, huge stony sculptures with different shapes will be around you. This place is like Lut desert, as you will see stars near earth in Lut, there is also the same here.

Stars valley; Legendary Valley

Superstitious beliefs are made in local people`s minds because of mysterious natural sculptures. One of these beliefs is that many years ago, a meteorite or a star hit this point and it created this place. Because of these beliefs, people who were living in this region named this place as stars fall and today they name this place as stars valley.

When you stand in this valley, you have to stay silent and you will realize that wind makes a mysterious sound by hitting the stones. Ethnic people believe that these are the sounds of ghosts that are wandering in this place. No one visit this place at night because people believe that ghosts wander here more than anytime at night. When you enter this place, the way is marked by stones for when you get lost, so you can get back.

Source of Stones and Sculptures

This place was formed 2 million years ago in Cenozoic era. For forming this valley, rains poured and winds blew.

Stone Museum

There is also stone museum near this place and different stones have been collected in this museum. If you want to travel to this valley, it could be amazing for you to visit this museum.

Stay in Qeshm

About staying more than a day, don`t worry because near this valley in the village you can rent houses or rooms.

How to Get There?

To reach this place, move to the southern part of Qeshm city (not Qeshm Island!) then move to the west. You will see the sign of stars valley. After reaching the village near here, you will see the dirt road which leads you to the ticket state, parking and the valley.

Address: Iran, Hormozgan province, Northern Part of Qeshm Island, Near Berkeh-ye Khalaf Village

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