Soltanyeh Dome; Symbol of Islamic Architecture

Soltanyeh Dome, Symbol of Islamic Architecture


Soltanyeh Dome; Symbol of Islamic Architecture

Soltanyeh dome is in Soltanyeh city (in Zanjan province) and it’s one of the masterpieces of Islamic architecture.

This dome was built during the years of 1305 until 1313 A.D. by order of Oljayto (king of Mongols), also known as Sultan Mohammad Khodabandeh, and under supervision of Khajeh Rashid-al-din Fazlollah. This building is the most largest brick dome in the world.

Soltanyeh dome is placed in southeastern part of Zanjan city and it’s one of the valuable sepulchral domes in the world. After Ayasofya and Saint mark church, it’s the largest dome in the world. it is unique in architecture because it attracts many tourists every year.

Architecture of this dome has very close relation with Iranian’s architecture.

This dome is placed in the area with 13 thousand hectares. Infrastructure of the dome is consisted of lime, clay, and small stones, that’s a reason of high consistency of dome. Soltanyeh is the first bilateral dome in the world that you can’t find the sample like this before. Bilateral system and materials of the earth has made this place earthquake resistant. There are 8 heavy walls with width of 78/6 meters that has kept the dome firm. There are also 8 minarets in octagonal part of dome (roof).

Second part of it is sepulture with height of 16.

Third part of the dome is a crypt. In the middle of the crypt is place of tomb and around that, there are two small spaces.

Historical Antiquity

This city was a noteworthy of different folks during the time like Mongols and antiquity of the city dating back to the 5 thousand years before birth of Jesus Christ. Some old clay plates and vases that found near the city prove this fact. There are also some notes about Soltanyeh, saying that the city was pasturage of Iranian people in Mongol era and named Soltanyeh as Shervia. Oldest note of Shervia is the note of Zahir-al-din Nishapuri. Sharden also reminisce this place as ancient city of parthian empire.

This city developed during the Oljayto reign.

Architecture and Decoration

Decoration in Soltanyeh dome is unique. There are different decorations in this place like tiling, stone carving, painting, plastering, and….


Plastering in porch of the dome is one of the most beautiful feature of Islamic architecture.

Beautiful decoration of this place declares two eras.

  1. First era: Decorations like tiling date back to the plan of transferring corpses of Shia Imams like Imam Ali And Imam Hussein. Some words like Allah, Muhammad, and Subhan Allah have stamped on tiles. Tiles and bricks of these decorations are in different colors like turquoise blue, lazuli, and so on.
  2. Second era: Decorations of this era dates back to the reign of Oljayto. Plan of transferring corpses of Imam Ali and Imam Hussein Has commixed in new decorations and some of them faded and new decorations like plastering have covered them.

Inscriptions of Dome

In terms of content, inscriptions of this place consist of three types:

  1. Quranic inscriptions
  2. Hadith inscriptions
  3. Praising inscriptions in terms of praising Oljayto

Location of Dome

Soltanyeh dome is placed in Soltanyeh part, southeastern part of Zanjan city in Kosar town.

How To Get There?

After reaching Zanjan city, if you any taxi driver, they can take you to Soltanyeh dome .

 Address: Zanjan province, Kosar town, Soltanyeh dome

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