Jameh Mosque of Zanjan,Iran


Jameh Mosque of Zanjan, Iran

Jameh Mosque of Zanjan also known as Seyyed or Sultani Mosque, located in the historical part of the city in central part of Zanjan. This mosque dates back to Qajar era, built by Abdullah Mirza Dara who was one of the sons of Fath Ali Shah Qajar. Abdullah Mirza also was a follower of Ayatollah Seyyed Muhammad Mujtahid Sardine.

Family of Hosseini Zanjani from that time up to now, rolling this mosque. This historical mosque is the biggest and most beautiful mosque in Zanjan, also as the biggest for religion teaching.

The mosque contains four porches on the sides of a large open court.

Apron of this mosque is like a square or rectangular like other ones.

In the middle part of the mosque’s yard, there is a pool with gardens around it.

To the east and west of the court, sixteen chambers exist running parallel to each other.

Facing towards south are more chambers used as residential quarters for theology students.

These chambers have vaulted and arched ceilings decorated with artistic tile work.

At the top of the main porch, there is a huge dome covered with turquoise tile color. Mobrakeh Al-Dhār Sura has been written on these tiles. Each and every single part of the mosque, shows the art and skills of master Iranian artists. When you enter the mosque, art of the tiles will attract you at first.

Because of the good location of the place, this mosque is an appropriate choice for tourists who want to see this place and buy things in Qeisarieh Marketplace.

How to get there?

Travel to Zanjan (a city in Zanjan province, Iran) go to Imam Khomeini Street by bus or taxi, you will find the mosque across from Sazemeydan Park and at the east side of Qeisarieh Marketplace.

Address: Iran, Zanjan, Imam Khomeini Street, across from Sabzemeydan Park

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