Sojas Historical Mosque; A Chiliad Memento

Sojas Historical Mosque; A Chiliad Memento


Sojas Historical Mosque; A Chiliad Memento

In Iran, there are several mosques, but you can hardly ever find cities like Sojas which are home to the mosques with antiquity of 1000 years. Sojas is a city of Zanjan Province located 3 kilometers far from Zanjan City. Although this city was destroyed during Mongols` invasion, the mosque of it is looking intact. Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Sojas Historical Mosque.


One of the attractions of Sojas city is its Central Historical Mosque dating back to Seljuq era and last years of 11th century. This mosque has inscriptions and architecture of Seljuq and Mongols era. An old cemetery named as Shohada is located near here.

Hamdallah Mustaufi has written in his books named as Nazhat-al-Gholub:

Sojas and Sohrevard were the cities destroyed during Mongols` invasion, but the central mosque of them has remained as a memento from Seljuq era.

History and Architecture

Sojas mosque is one of the prominent mosques of Zanjan Province which has bedchamber. Thickness of the walls of the mosque is 1.5 meters. There are two entrances in the western part of the mosque. Outside of the mosque is decorated with plaster and brick. Height of the dome is 4 meters and height of the main part of the mosque is 14 meters. Although architecture of the mosque is like the architecture of Seljuq era, near alter of the mosque, there is a decoration dating back to Sassanid era. It shows that the mosque was built during Seljuq dynasty, but base of the mosque is dating back to Sassanid era.

Architecture of the mosque is simple and made of brick, clay and plaster. There are arches like circles from the outside, but from internal part, they look like foursquare. Base of the arches are made of the wood of walnut tree. Main part of the mosque is like square which has circular dome placed on it. There were different places around the mosque which have been destroyed during the time and just a bedchamber is remained stuck. The dome of the mosque is decorated with a star. There are double doors in eastern and western part of the mosque.

There are four inscriptions in Sojas mosque. Alter of the mosque is decorated with plants and Islamic shapes. As we explained, one of the historical parts near here is an old cemetery which has different shapes and poems of Saadi.

How to Get There?

You can follow Zanjan to Bijar or Zanjan to Qeydar road for reaching Sojas region. Follow one of these roads and on the way, there are secondary ways leading you to Sojas that you can follow them by GPS or signs in the road.

Address: Iran, Zanjan Province, Sojas Region, Sojas Mosque

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