Shorabil Lake; Touristy and Inland

Shorabil Lake; Touristy and Inland


Shorabil Lake; Touristy and Inland

About Shorabil Lake

Shoorabil Lake, in Ardabil province, is considered as one of the natural attractions of western part of Iran. The results of geological studies indicate that the lake is more ancient than Urumia lake. Shorabil is one of the natural inland lakes of Iran. The lake used to be very salty in the past, but nowadays, by adding fresh water to it, its salinity is reduced so that a type of salmon is grown in it. the largeness of the lake extends to 180 hectares.

Shorabil lake has recreational and sports facilities. There are many cultural attractions, including canoeing facilities, running stadium, cycling track, a zoo, a number of hotels, an open-air amusement park and an indoor playground. With the proposal of the mayor of Ardabil, the complex will become a tourism area. Up to now, in the vicinity of the lake, rocky park, forest park, an artificial grass area, bike path and new entrances to the lake on the southern and eastern sides are built.

Shorabil lake is located in the city of Ardabil and the towns of Kosar, Mehr, Rah & Tarabari, Dadgostari, Valiasr and Mohagheghe Ardabili, Payame Noor, Medical Sciences universities and International Fair of Ardabil are on the sidelines of this lake.

For staying foreign tourists and domestic guests, the three-star Shorabil Hotel is situated on the northern shore of the lake and three-star Kosar Tourist Complex with facilities like; forty-six suites of villas and a conference hall, two restaurants and coffee shops can be found here.

when water of the lake was salty, the inhabitants of the area, especially those who suffered from skin discomforts and joint pains, used to rub the mud of the lake to their skin and take the mud of the lake to other cities to use as a medical thing, but since fresh water has been added to the lake, the water has lost its therapeutic benefits.

How to Get There?

Shorabil Lake is an inland natural place in Ardabil, so you can get there by any vehicle you wish.

Address: Iran, Ardabil city, Shorabil Lake

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