Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque; A Place of Science and Religion

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque; A Place of Science and Religion


Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque; A Place of Science and Religion

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is mostly known for its fame of being a place of science. This building is a breakthrough of 11th century A.H. architecture and was built by direct offer of the 1st Shah Abbas. The bricklayer and architect of this place was Mr. Mohammed Reza Isfahani whose name is written in the mehrab of the mosque.

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Isfahan is a historical city in where there are a lot of places which can make you fascinated. But if you ever traveled to this city, don`t forget to visit Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and enjoy its beauties.

Sheikh Lotfollah was one of the greatest religious people of Shias. He used to live in Jabal Amel (today known as Lebanon). Shah Abbas the 1st invited him to stay in Isfahan and he accepted the king`s request.

The king offered to have the mosque built in order to commemorate Sheikh Lotfollah and it is because of this that the mosque is called Sheikh Lotfollah. Worth to mention that Sheikh Lotfollah died 6 years before the 1st Shah Abbas passed away.

Architecture of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

There is a dome in this mosque which is decorated by very beautiful and eye catching tiles. On the tiles of the dome, verses of the holy Quran are written. Under the dome, there are some rooms.

On the upper part of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, some windows are built that the usage of them is to lighten the rooms and ventilate them.

From the perspective of Eslmi arts, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is one of the richest places in Iran because there sorts of decoration can be seen in Mehrab and the dome of the mosque very well.

About 90 years ago, the dome and entry of the mosque were refurbished. Also, according to some information, the dome was refurbished 8 years later, again.

Iranian woman dressed in chador inside Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Esfahan, Iran

Geographical Status

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is on the eastern side of Naghsh-e-Jahan Square and across Imam Mosque.

How to Get There?

As the mosque is in the central part of the city, by taxi or bus, you can get there.

Address: Iran, Isfahan, City Center, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque.

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