Shazdeh Mahan Garden; The Largest Garden of Iran

Shazdeh Mahan Garden; The Largest Garden of Iran


Shazdeh Mahan Garden; The Largest Garden of Iran

In Kerman province with Kerman city as its capital, there is a garden named as Shazdeh Mahan Garden. This place is almost everybody`s destination when they travel to Kerman.

About Shazdeh Mahan Garden

Shazdeh Mahan Garden is 2 kilometers away from Mahan city and it is close to Kerman. Its construction dates back to the last years of Qajar era.

The largeness of Shazdeh Mahan Garden is about 3.5 hectares and it is consisted of two parts; western and eastern.

Architecture is the main feature of the garden. There are fountains and waterfalls in all around Shazdeh Mahan Garden.

The length of the garden is about 410 and its width is about 125 meters; therefore, we can consider here as the largest and biggest garden of Iran.

Historical Aspect of Shazdeh Mahan Garden

First of all, Muhammad Hassan Khan Sardar Iravani, the late governor of Kerman, built Shazdeh Mahan Garden. After him, Abd-al-Hamid Mirza Nasser-al-Dolah built the inner building of the garden.

We can claim that the year of construction of this garden is 1276 A.C.

Shazdeh Mahan Garden in UNESCO

Shazdeh Mahan Garden and other 9 gardens of Iran were recorded in UNESCO as the international heritage.

Due to the illegal constructions in the garden in the year of 1392 A.C., UNSECO warned Iran`s government that if private sector violated the nature of Shazdeh Mahan Garden, they would remove the name of here from their list. So, the private sector stopped its construction.

How to Get There?

This garden is so close to Kerman that you can reach it by car and taxi.

Address: Iran, Kerman Province, Kerman to Mahan city road, Shazdeh Mahan Garden

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