Shams-Ol-Saltaneh Market; Shop in Ancient Times

hams-Ol-Saltaneh Market; Shop in Ancient times


Shams-Ol-Saltaneh Market; Shop in Ancient times

Between the city of Qom and Kashan, in the vicinity of Markazi province, there is a city named Naraq in which a historical bazaar is located that attracts lots of tourists every year.

About Historical Aspect of Shams-Ol-Saltaneh Market

This place of shopping was built in 13th century. It also known as Shams al-Saltanah. We can add that Shams al-Saltanah bazaar is considered as an important place due to its historical background which is related to Qajar era.

Architecture of Shams-Ol-Saltaneh Market

Bricks are the main materials used to build this place. In the main hall of the bazaar, some small rooms can be seen. Also, the roof of Shams-Ol-Saltaneh Market is dome-shaped.

The walls of the bazaar are made of brick. In the small stores (called Hojre) the walls are made of wood. On the upper floor each of the stores, some rooms are built for passengers to rest there.

This place was recorded as a historical heritage in Iranian list of historical places.

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How to Get There?

The bazaar is located in the central part of city of Naraq; therefore, using a taxi or public transportation is the best to get there.

Address: Iran, Markazi province, Naraq city, Naraq or Shams al-Saltanah bazaar

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