Shams-ol Emareh; The First High Place in Iran

Shams-ol Emareh; The First High Place in Iran


Shams-ol Emareh; The First High Place in Iran

Shams-ol Emareh is one of the historical buildings that was built by order of Naser ad-Din Qajar. In Qajar era, it was the highest building of Iran. This place has 5 floors and is one of the special buildings of Golestan Palace located in Eastern part of it. Architecture of Shams-ol Emareh is like European buildings, since Naser ad-Din ordered to build here like European places.

Height of the building is 35 meters. Architecture of Shams-ol Emareh is mixed of Iranian and neoclassicism. This place was also known as the symbol of Tehran. Entrance of Shams-ol Emareh is in the western part. Windows of here have face to the gardens.

First floor is consisted of alcove and hallway with rooms around it. Rooms and hall are decorated with special mirrors.

This part was used for banquets. At first, entrance of the building from yard to the main hall had stairs, but during the time, stairs were removed so as not to anyone enter directly. Upper floors are consisted of suites and connecting hallways. There are rooms beside the alcove that lead you to the other parts of the building. Minarets become thinner when the height increases.

In the upper floors, there are 2 rooms that one of them is a passing way that next to which the stairs are placed and another one leads you to the roof. In the upper floor, there is room made of wood and consists of smaller rooms. Walls of here are decorated with paintings that show European life and some parts are decorated with painting of animals and plants. Shams-ol Emareh was the first place that was made of metal in Iran.  There are other materials like wood, plaster, brick and clay used for construction of Shams-ol Emareh. Nearly all parts of the building are decorated. Near entrances of the down parts, there are pictures of soldiers with weapons which show the military power of Iran.

Historians also said Shams-ol Emareh is one of the special palaces in Iran. You can visit here at 09:00 A.M. until 05:00 P.M.

You can take pictures here, but you should not turn on the flash of mobile or using tripod.

How to Get There?

you need to get to Davar street. Entrance of Golestan palace is here and you can reach Shams-ol Emareh by entering from Golestan Palace.

Address: Iran, Tehran City, Shams-ol Emareh Palace

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