Shamkhal; Dreamy Canyon of Iran

Shamkhal; Dreamy Canyon of Iran


Shamkhal; Dreamy Canyon of Iran

One of the canyons of Iran which has spectacular view is Shamkhal Canyon located near Qochan city in Razavi Khorasan province.


This special canyon that has cool weather and a river running in the middle of it. Shamkhal Canyon  is located 80 kilometers far from Quchan, in Bajgiran city near the border of Iran and Turkmenistan.

The canyon’s name is because of a village near here with name of Shamkhal. There are walnut trees with age of 200 years. There are also different plants like fig, apricot, willow and etc. Length of this canyon is 18 kilometers and width of it is 200 meters. There is natural bath in 10 kilometers beginning of the canyon.

Shamkhal is not straight and you need to pass a twisty way. If you traveled here, see all parts of this canyon to enjoy its beautiful nature. Sound of water, intact nature, cool weather and sound of the birds are just a few positive points of here.

Best Seasons for Traveling

The best seasons for traveling here are spring and summer. If you want to visit most parts of here, you should plan for staying 2 days.


Address: Iran, Razavi Khorasan Province, Bajgiran City

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