Seyed Seif Addin Mausoleum, Ilam Province

Seyed Seif Addin Mausoleum, Ilam Province


Seyed Seif Addin Mausoleum, Ilam Province

Mausoleum of Seyed Seif Addin is placed in northeastern part of Darreh Shahr town and in Aramu village on the hill, named Chartagh. In internal part of mausoleum, there are two tombs with no inscriptions. It is said that Seyed Muhammad Seif Addin was one of descendants of Imam Musa Kazem.

On an inscription on the upper part of the entrance of mausoleum, it is written that:

In 1350 AH, Gholamreza Khan Hashemi repaired the monument.

مقبره بابا سیف الدین

There are trees around the mausoleum with age of more than 100 years, so this place can be good for people who want to enjoy fresh weather.

Biography of Seyed Seif Addin from explanation of Ayatollah Brujerdi:

Seyed Seif Addin, son of Ibrahim, was a grandson of Imam Musa Kazem. On the way of traveling to Khorasan for helping his uncle (Imam Reza), was killed by spies of Abbasid Caliphs.

Geographical location

From the south, this mausoleum reaches the strait of Bahram Chubin, from north it goes to Simreh river, and from east ends to Poldokhtar. There is an old cemetery near the mausoleum from emersion of Islam in Iran.

Materials and Architecture

Height of the dome from surface of the earth is 7 meters. Colors of the dome are turquoise blue and white. Materials of the mausoleum are consisted of stones, bricks and plaster.

مقبره بابا سیف الدین

How To Get There?


After reaching Ilam province, by taking a taxi and going to Darreh Shahr, you can easily get Seyed Seif Addin Mausoleum.

Address: Illam, Darreh shahr, Northeastern part of Darreh Shahr on the hill of Chartagh.

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