Sekonj Waterfall; Spiral and Cool

Sekonj Waterfall; Spiral and Cool


Sekonj Waterfall; Spiral and Cool

About Sekonj Waterfall

Sekonj Spring and waterfall is about 4 hours of walking in the cool and beautiful Sakanj valley and water of that spurts from the near of Polvar mountain. Half of the water flows into the valley and the village of Saknej and half of it pours into the village of Jowshan.

The wonders of the nature of this region require more research and investigation to understand how beautiful it is.

Sekonj is 50 kilometers away from Kerman and 15 kilometers away from Mahan city. Here is one of the most famous touristy places of Kerman, because it has a mountain with two beautiful waterfalls.

Nearby mountains are suitable for mountaineering. From religious perspective, the tomb of Shaykh Alibaba, a well-known disciple of Shah Nematollah Wali is also in Sekonj.

In the east of this village, with a distance of less than 4 kilometers, there are tall caves filled with trees and stone walls and riveting rivers that are undoubtedly the most beautiful and most interesting river near the center of the province.

Moving along the bank of river, passing through the abundance of trees and boulders, passing through small and noiseless waterfalls, as well as ridgeways, at the top of the mountains that can be seen everywhere, display an unforgettable picture.

Having reached the main waterfall, a 10-meter-wide slab that slopes down into a rock pit makes a kind of roaring sound. The water of the river, after departing from the main pond, follows a spiral movement and goes down to 2 or 3 meters from the side of the single willow trees to continue its way toward the other ponds.

Don`t forget to visit this place, if you travelled to Kerman.

How to Get There?

First of all, go to Kerman province and then Mahan city, then after passing 25 kilometers from the city, you can get to Sekonj waterfall and village.

Address: Iran, Kerman province, 25 kilometers away from Mahan city, Sekonj waterfall

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