Salt Restaurant in Iran

Salt Restaurant in Iran

Mydorna reports; As salt is composed of the strongest and natural elements and it can ventilate the air, Emtiaz Designing Group in Iran has built a restaurant made of salt.

Due to the existence of a salt mine near to Shiraz, a restaurant is made of this natural material in Iran and it is considered as one of the tourist attraction of this area.

Powder, rock, layers of salt and natural gums are the combination of walls. Additionally, the windows and doors don`t have any harm to the environment. The metals used to make windows and doors, are the recycled beverage cans which used to be thrown away by other restaurants. Also, the chairs of these restaurant are made of natural salt.

As we mentioned, salt can ventilate the air and make it clean-to-breathe, so the designer group decided to build every small details of the restaurant from salt and we can claim that the group has succeeded to do so.

Apart from the design of this restaurant, the atmosphere we feel in this salon is so comfortable that every person came to this place, has confessed that he has forgotten daily difficulties due to the combination of traditional design and modern way of serving foods.

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