Salt Cave of Qeshm; Longest Salt Cave in the World

Salt Cave of Qeshm; Longest Salty Cave in the World


Salt Cave of Qeshm; Longest Salty Cave in the World

Most of the tourists choose Kish island, but Qeshm also has different places to see. One of the good places for touring is a salt hill that has different caves under it. Salt cave is one of them.

Location and Description of Salt Cave

This salt hill is placed 90 kilometers southwest of Qeshm city. Height of this hill is 237 meters and it is the highest part of Qeshm island. Longest salt cave with 6400 meters is placed under this hill that dates back to 570 years ago.

To have this cave formed, at first salts were a layer and then spread during the time.
On the upper part of the cave, there are little salts in comparison with deeper parts. The reason of that is dissolving salt with water. Pay attention that salty caves usually are made by nature under salty hills or mountains and deserts with little rainfall.
Some of the tourists can enter to depth of 100 meters, but only entering to depth of 20 meters will be exciting for you. You should have different tools.

The sunlight shines until 20 meters and you do not need any flash light, but pay attention that beauties of the cave will be more in deeper parts. Different salty columns are around the cave that have made it most beautiful. This place is not completely white because of different colors in different parts. Unfortunately, in the last years, some columns were destroyed and it is because of some aimless plans for preparing high quality salt. In the inner part of the salt hill, there is a permanent river that has made a natural and beautiful pond with white color.

Sometimes this river can reflect your nature and your face as a mirror. Main point of this river has a red color and it is because of sedimentary rocks. Roof of the cave is covered with firm salts like cressest
This cave is one of the good places for people who have lung diseases.

How to get there?

For reaching this cave, you should pass a sand road. From the road near the beach to cave is 2 kilometers distance.

Address: Iran, Hormozgan Province, Qeshm Island, Salt Cave.

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