Rudkhan Castle; Fort of Gilan City

Rudkhan Castle; Fort of Gilan City


Rudkhan Castle; Fort of Gilan City

This castle is one of the oldest castles in Iran that is located in Gilan city, in the northern part of Iran Keep on reading so that myDorna will introduce Rudkhan Castle to you.

History of Rudkhan Castle

The name of this castle is retrieved from a river near it. This castle was named before as Saksar, Hesami and 1000-staired castle. Some archaeologists believe that this castle dates back to Sassanid era and was rebuilt in Salghoughian period. This place also was one of the Ismailism forts.

On an inscription of this castle that is kept in Ganjineh museum in Rasht it is written that from years of 1418 to 1513, here was rebuilt for Sultan Hesam-Ad-din.

Architectural Aspect of Rudkhan Castle

This castle is placed on 665 to 715 meters above the surface of the sea. Length of that is nearly 500 meters. It has 2 parts. One of them was a bedchamber and another one used for military forces. This castle is divided into 3 parts: Eastern, middle and western. The eastern part is separated from western and middle part with a gate and most parts of it were used as prison, military gates and everything related to military forces.

Middle part of that is placed at the lowest section of the castle and has main gates.

Western part of Rudkhan Castle is situated on a slope of mountain and has a unique part like bedchamber, cistern and some houses.

Entrance gate is placed in northern part, in the middle of two big towers. Generally, there are 42 watchtowers around the castle. On the towers, there are places that were used for putting big oil pots and some parts for arrows. Some towers have two floors used as a heater for soldiers in winter. Most important part of this castle is a bedchamber that has different architecture with other parts. This bedchamber has a balcony for watching outside nature with beautiful view. At the end of northeastern part, there are two beautiful floors and at the southern part of them, there is a mountain with cave. Based on beliefs of local people, this cave was for soldiers to warn to the castle if they were under attack.

How to Get There?

This castle is placed 20 kilometers away Fuman city (southwestern part of Fuman city), above Rudkhan village. You can just get there by a taxi, car and motor-cycle. Buses don’t cross this place. Also after passing 20 kilometers, you will reach Fuman Parking and you should pass 2 kilometers by walking to reach the castle.

Address: Iran, Gilan province, Fuman City, Rudkhan Village, Rudkhan Castle

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