Rhubarb Syrup; Healthy Beverage

Rhubarb Syrup; Healthy Beverage


Rhubarb Syrup; Healthy Beverage

One of the souvenirs of Nishapur city is Rhubarb. Rhubarb of Nishapur is the best one in Iran and its Syrup can be the best souvenir of this city. Season of buying rhubarb and its syrup is summer. In this post, in addition to introducing one of the souvenirs of Nishapur, we have tried to make you familiar with the way of making rhubarb syrup.


Rhubarb of Nishapur (1 kilogram)

Sugar (3/4 cup)

Water (4 cups)

How to Make?

Remove the skin of rhubarbs and wash them. Chop them and decant in a medium pot. Pour water on them and put the pot on stove with medium temperature.

Put the cover of pot and wait for 20 minutes. Remove bubbles of water with a spoon. Filtrate cooked rhubarbs.

Add sugar to the rhubarbs and boil them with medium temperature for 5 minutes. When you feel the color of water is changed, switch off the stove and wait until syrup becomes cold. Keep the syrup in refrigerator in a glassy bottle.

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