Qanat of Gonabad; Mysteries Under the Ground

Qanat of Gonabad; Mysteries Under the Ground


Qanat of Gonabad; Mysteries Under the Ground

About Qanat of Gonabad

Gonabad has several Qanats, most of them are not used after the 15-year drought in South Khorasan, but Qasabe Qanat of is considered as a living aqueduct.

In historical texts, the ancient Qasbae have been attributed to the Achaemenid period, which Nasser Khosrow Ghobadiyy has also described it in his journey to this aqueduct.

The length of Gonabad aqueduct is 33113 meters and the wells in it are more than 470. The depth of the main well is 280 to 300 meters. Tourists can only visit the first 700 meters of Qanat.

The Most Mysterious Qanat of Gonabad

In the Qasabe Qanat of Gonabad, you will go into a black labyrinth. This labyrinth is believed to have horrific stories. It is a relic of Achaemenid era and has become a dreaded place for many years.

The length of this labyrinth is about 21.6 kilometers and its depth is 728 meters.

To get into the depth of the ground, you must first go down from clay-made stairs and enter Qanat.

Horrifying stories have been said about Qanat of Gonabad that makes entering this place even more scary.

Qanat of Gonabad is a strange handicraft that with its darkness and depth is a good place for adventurous people. It is considered as one of the wonders of human civilization.

How to Get There?

Gonabad city is situated in the southern part of Mashhad, so you can take the bus to go to this city. From there, going to qanat is so easy.

Address: Iran, Razavi Khorasan province, Gonabad city, Qasabe Qanat of Gonabad

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