Prizad School; Built by A Maid


Prizad School; Built by A Maid

About Prizad School

Prizad School is a historical place in Mashhad which was devoted by the maid of Goharshad, known as Parizad, to religious scholars. The building was completed in 823 and has been refurbished three times. This school was in the past outside of Imam Reza Holy Shrine, but now, it is located inside the shrine.

Geographical Situation of Prizad School

From southern part of Prizad School, you can get to Goharshad Mosque.

Who Devoted Parizad School?

This school is one of the buildings of Shahrokh Teymoori ,807-850 A.H., in Mashhad, located in Astan Quds Razavi complex. Parizad, the founder of this school, was the maid of Goharshad, Shahrokh’s wife. She founded this school simultaneously with the construction of Goharshad mosque and from surplus of its materials, she built Parizad school. Pizad is one of the descendants of Rabih ibn Khaytham, known as Khwaja Rabi and wife of Mirza Mirak Hosseini. According to the will of Parizad, the original version of which is available in Heritage Office of Mashhad, she resigned all the properties she owned to her husband.

Architectural Aspect of Prizad School

The plot of this building, like other Timuriden schools, has four porches. The courtyard design was previously performed at Khwaja Abdullah Ansari monastery in Gazargah and Ghiyasieh school in Khargard. On the two sides of the porch, 27 chambers are located with four staircases walkways in the four corners of the courtyard.

How to Get There?

Prizad School is situated in Holy Shrine of Imam Reza, in central part of Mashhad, you can get there by any vehicle you wish.

Address: Iran, Razavi Khorasan province, Mashhad, Holy Shrine of Imam Reza, Prizad School

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