Paghale Village; Hidden Jewelry

Paghale Village; Hidden Jewelry


Paghale Village; Hidden Jewelry

Paghale Village, located in Golestan Province and Ramian county, is 1200 meters above surface of the sea. Paghale is also an ancient village. Hearing sound of nature and smelling odorous smells, are the most adorable features of Paghale Village.


Paghale is located in 10 kilometers southwest of Ramian county and in the east of Golestan province.

Historical Points

In the western part of the village, Maran Castle can be seen which is also named as Maran and Miran. Maran is a summit with height of 2342 meters and area of 260 hectares. Maran Castle was built during the reign of Tirdad Ashkani. Northern wall of Maran Castle is located at southeastern of Paghale village. This wall has 215 meters which is the highest natural wall in Golestan province.

Abr or Cloud Forest

Paghale village is located between two regions. One of them is the plain of Gorgan and another one is a region with clouds. In low heights, you can see ocean of clouds and enjoy the nature. A forest has surrounded the village where is home to different plants and animals.

Attractions around the village consist of natural pool, Jameh Shuran region, Sargol rivers, Pashmaki rivers and waterfalls, Sorkheh Kamar waterfall, Juzak and Seyed Kalateh Waterfalls, Nilbarg and Anjir rivers, Sarv Zarbin region, heights of Miran castle and Paraglider Flying Part.

Ramian Pool

Ramian pool is also a natural pool which has cold water. Ramian is the deepest pool of the world with depth of 80 meters.


Houses in village have two floors with a gable roof. Materials used in these buildings are clay and wood.

People of the Village

Jobs of the people in village are farming, animal husbandry and making handicrafts. Crops of this village are grain, wheat, walnut, tomatoes, bean and etc.

How to Get There?

Follow the road of Ramian to Shahrud. After passing Sheshab, you will see a road in your right-side. Follow a zigzag road to reach village.

Address: Iran, Golestan Province, Ramian County, Paghale Village

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