Nazkhatoon; Food from North of Iran

Nazkhatoon; Food from North of Iran


Nazkhatoon; Food from North of Iran

Nazkhatoon is an Iranian popular food with folks in the north of the country (Gilan Province).


Eight eggplants

Five tomatoes

Verjuice (half of the cup)

Pomegranate molasses(2 cups)

Four Grated onions

Dried mints (a tablespoon)

Persian hogweed (Golpar): a tablespoon

Salt: a little

Crusted walnut (in sufficient amount)

How to Cook?

First, broil the eggplants in the oven, when the water is broiling, pour it on tomatoes in a bowl, remove their peel and chop them.

When eggplants are broiled, remove their peel and torn them to pieces by cleaver. Put eggplants in a medium pot on the stove with medium temperature and pour verjuice with pomegranate molasses on them.

Wait until they are sizzling. Then add mint, grated onions and hogweed to them and rile them. Pick up the pot from the stove before adding tomatoes. Add tomatoes to them and mix them by riling. Finally, Garnish with small pieces of walnut.

Enjoy your meal

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