Mud Volcano; Useful for Medical Treatment

Mud Volcano; Useful for Medical Treatment


Mud Volcano; Useful for Medical Treatment

Just imagine instead of water, mud boils in the ground and all of a sudden you that there is some mud on your feet. In fact, in Iran something is happening.

In Sistan and Balouchestan province of Iran, there is a natural phenomenon called mud volcano which is useful for curing pains and illnesses.

About Mud Volcanos

Some people believe that mud volcanos are originated from volcanos from which fire spits out, but some scientists say that these two are not related to each other.

From mud volcanos, a kind of cold watery mud comes out and after a while when the masses get together, some cones are made.

Mud Volcanos in Iran

Although the tallest mud volcano is located in Balouchestan of Pakistan, we can find other mud volcanos in the area of Tang from the vicinity of Konarak city in Sistan and Balouchestan of Iran.

Tang is consisted of some hills that only one of them is spitting out mud. Since this area is so close to Indian Ocean, the crust is pressing the inner-ground layers and water comes out in addition to mud.

As there is no volcano near the mud volcanos, we can claim that no steam comes out, but in the areas which are close to volcanos we can see steam and mud coming out of the crust.

How to Get There?

As myDorna said, the mud volcanos are near to the city of Konarak; therefore, you have to take a taxi to go there. 

Address: Iran, Sistan and Balouchestan province, Konarak city, mud volcanos

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