Mount Damawand; Roof of Iran

Mount Damawand; Roof of Iran


Mount Damawand; Roof of Iran

Mount Damawand is a volcanic and the highest mountain in middle east.  This mount is located in the center of Alborz Mountains between Tehran and Amol cities.

Geography and Wildlife

The Mount Damawand leads to Amol from the northeast and to Tehran city from Southwest. The nearest place to Damawand is Lar National Park. There are warm rivers near Damawand like Asak, Larijan and Vaneh. Near here, some animals like foxes, Jakal bears, wolves, dogs, rabbits, gazelles, snakes and different birds like sparrows, hawk, eagle, bat and owl are living here.


Damawand is the highest mount in middle east and 12th highest summit in the world. Height of this mount is 5670 meters.


Atmospheric pressure at the top of Damawand is half of the pressure of the sea surface. Minimums of temperature at the top of the summit is -60°C in winters and -2°C in summers.

Waterfall And Glaciers

There is a frozen waterfall at the southern part of the mount with height of 7 meters. All the times, the waterfall is frozen and it never melts.

There are also natural glaciers to some of which here we refer:

  1. Darreh Yakhar
  2. Dolls
  3. Western
  4. North Eastern
  5. Khurtab Sar
  6. Dubi Sel
  7. Syuleh


Most of the plants in Damawand have the suffix of Damawandi meaning that they belong to this mountain. The most important of the are Roe Damawandi, Damawandi Bushes and etc.


This volcano is 38500 years old and most of the time it is inactive. Here is a popular source of sulfur.

Damawand in History

Here is was one of the regions of Medes. There are cemeteries here that date back to 8th century.


Damawand is consisted of two parts; Dam which means steam and Awand which means made of. Therefore, Damawand is made of steam.

Naming this mount as Damawand is because of the steams coming out from it due to the volcanic materials.

Damawand in Fictions and literature

Some poets like Mohammad Taqi Bahar have written poems about Mount Damawand. Based on fictions, Fereydoun after defeating Zahhak, imprisoned him in Damawand. Arash, who was an archer of Iran, determined the border of Iran and Turan near here.

How to Get there?

You can get to Damawand from Amol and Tehran. The best way is following Haraz Road. You can follow secondary ways which are connected to Haraz Road.

Address: Iran, Tehran Province, Mount Damawand

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