Tehran Book Garden; Biggest Book Store in The World

Tehran Book Garden; Biggest Book Store in The World


Tehran Book Garden; Biggest Book Store in The World

Tehran Book Garden is The biggest bookshop in the world. In this large store, you can have access to at least 4000 books with different titles. The garden has different sections for, children, youth and adults. There are other parts in this garden like art museum, Taleqani park national library and etc.

Tehran book garden was built during the years of 2005 until 2017 for developing reading culture. Area of this garden is 65000 square meters. In GWR (Guinness World Records), name of Barnes and Noble Booksellers are recorded as the biggest bookshops of the world with area of 14330 and bookshelves that the length of which is 21 kilometers. Center of Tehran book garden is 25000 and area of it is 11000 meters.

As you enter, you would feel as if are in a modern and big bookstore. You can walk in this place and choose your favorite book. If you became tired, you can go to western part of ground floor and sit there on the benches.

باغ کتاب تهران


All and all, there are 80 sculptures around this garden which are related to studying and some characters of popular stories.

Different Parts

The garden has 3 floors and 4 blocks named as A, B, C, and D.

Block A

Name: Baharestan

For Teens and Children

Block A, known as Baharestan, is suitable for teens and children.

At the ground floor of here, there is a big shopping part for selling cultural products. There are sculptures of different cartoon characters like Pinocchio, Sindbad and etc. You can buy Different cultural books, novels and toys from the stores.

Robotic Section

If you have a child interested in robots, here is suitable for him/her. This part is for 6-year-old children and older.

Block B

Name: Khialestan

Walking Way

This part is used for walking. There is a way with length of 60 meters connecting Block A and C.

Block C

Name: Negarestan

Used as Cinema

Artificial part of the garden is Named as Negarestan and consisted of 11 cinemas. Theaters are divided in 3 floors; down, middle and top. The main entrance of the garden is located near Block C. You can also buy tickets online.

The first floor is for children between the ages of 6 and 13. Here, four scientific stories are read for children.

Block D

Name: Sarvestan

Bookshop and scientific garden for youth and teens

This part is for teens and youth. Here, there are also cultural products for youth like; books.

Scientific Garden

First floor of Block C is for people older than 13. There are different galleries here with scientific tools by which you can travel to space virtually.

Scientific Event Center

If you continue walking in scientific garden of teens, you can see Scientific Event Center in which several plans are launched.

Underground Part

Upper Part

One parts of the upper part of Block D is used for plantation and it has a roof garden. There is also a cafe and restaurant here.

Academy of Garden

In this part you will be given information about math, travel, lifestyle and etc. This part has a website for people to get information.

Facilities of The Book Garden

  1. Bathrooms
  2. Theater
  3. Cafe
  4. Restaurant
  5. Free Wi-Fi
  6. Salon for Children

Special Services

Here is the biggest book garden in the world and you can have access to the most valid sources and books. You can get to know about lifestyle and culture of Iranian people.

Times of Working

Saturdays until Wednesdays: From 09:00 A.M until 09:00 P.M

Thursdays and Fridays: From 09:00 A.M until 10:00 P.M

How to Get There?

You can find the Garden Between Haghani Highway and Hemmat Expressway.

Address: Iran, Tehran, Between Haghani Highway and Hemmat Expressway, Tehran Book Garden

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