Jamshidieh Park; Stony Park in Tehran

Jamshidieh Park; Stony Park in Tehran


Jamshidieh Park; Stony Park in Tehran

There is a stony garden near Kolakchal region in Tehran known as Jamshidieh Park. This park is one of the attractive parks of Iran that attracts many visitors and mountaineers annually. Area of the garden is 10000 hectares.

There are different facilities which have made this place as a suitable destination for passengers in holidays. Old trees can be found here and because of these, the park is considered to be one of the most important places for refreshing the air of the city. The park used to be under control of Dolos who were one of the governors of Qajar kings.

The owner of the garden was Jamshid Dolo. He had different fields, so gave one of them Farah Diba. It was intended to build a nursery home, but the project didn’t set up and just a garden was built. The garden has been repaired twice so far and one of its parts is named as Ferdowsi garden in the year of 1996. Main project for designing and making the park vaster was done by Kamran Tabatabaee Diba.

Different Parts

When you enter the garden, you would feel as you have come to heaven. Mixture of different sounds like wind, water and birds give you great feeling.

There is a part like theater here for holding performances and a small stony garden. More than 60 types of birds and different types of plants can be found here. Don’t forget to take your camera. There is temporary exhibition here that you can visit and buy handicrafts. You can watch the city from the heights. The best seasons for traveling here are spring and autumn because the garden is more beautiful in these seasons.

Address: Iran, Tehran City, Jamshidieh Park

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