Adriyan Fire Temple; Zoroastrianism World

Adriyan Fire Temple; Zoroastrianism World


Adriyan Fire Temple; Zoroastrianism World

Adriyan Fire Temple is the only fire temple of Tehran. If you want to gain more information about Zoroastrianism world, keep reading the article.


Adriyan fire temple for Zoroastrians was built in the last years of Qajar era. Entrance of here is wooden on which there is a brick. After entering, you will see a yard with pine trees and a building in which the temple is placed. This religious building is important for three main aspects:

  1. Cultural
  2. Architectural
  3. Historical


In 1913 and in a meeting with Keykhosrow Shahrokh, the head of Zoroastrians` association, the project of construction started. Construction of the temple lasted for 3 years. The temple was decorated with brick, but some years later, it was decorated with marble stones. This temple is located beside Firooz Bahram school which is one of historical Zoroastrians` educational places.

Usages of Temple

The temple is used for holding Zoroastrians` different celebrations.

Different Part

One of the prominent parts which would be attractive for you in the first time of visiting is the external wall of temple decorated with brick. There is a marble inscription of two angels above the entrance. At the right side of the main gate, there is a stairway leading to the second floor. At the left side, there is an office for making appointments so that the tourists and passengers can visit here in particular times. The whole area of Adriyan Temple is 1300 square meters. There is a pool situated located in front of the main building.

Main Part

Main part of the temple is the building in the yard which is used as a place of praying. This building is covered with white stones. There are six columns in front side of the main building at the top of which, there are four cows. In Zoroastrianism, cow is the symbol of creation. Between the cows, there are grapes as the symbol of happiness. There is an inscription as the most important thing in the temple and above that, there is a sign of sun and a firebox under it. At the center of the upper part of the temple, there is the sign of Farvahar. At the left side, there is a man with arc. It is believed that he was the ruler of Balkh who sheltered Zoroaster Prophet.

Different Parts of Central Section

  1. Main Salon

Main salon or praying section is the room in which the fire of Zoroastrians is on. The fire is placed in the middle of western part. Floor of the salon is covered with colorful carpets. In the left side, there is an inscription. There are chairs around for prayers to sit on. Walls of the main salon are attractive covered with golden and copper color.

  1. Part of Keeping Fire

In the central part of the main salon, you will see a room in the shape of square. In the middle of the room, there is a firebox with a burnt trunk. Square-like shape of the fire temple room is because of the four main holy elements as the beliefs of Zoroastrian’s: water, fire, air and soil.

Zoroastrians usually put the firebox upper than the surface of the earth because of its holiness.

  1. Yasht Room

In the western part the main room, you will see a room known as Yasht consists of two main sections: smaller part has a big table, thirty chairs and small refrigerators. Yasht Room is a place to respect those Zoroastrians who built the temple and also, you will see pictures of them beside the table.

  1. Kitchen

The kitchen is located behind the central part which has bakery ovens.

  1. Reception Halls

Reception halls are for eating food and drinking beverages.

  1. Other Rooms

What To Do and What Not To Do

You should wash your hands and face before entering the temple. Women can not enter the temple during menstruation period. Zoroastrians stand behind glasses for watching the fire and they can not enter the room of it, but the person who started the fire can enter. Women should wear white chador and men should wear white clothes and hats. You can`t enter the main temple with shoes.

How to Get There?

The temple is located in Mirza Kuochak Khan Street to which you can have access by any vehicle you wish.

Address: Iran, Tehran, Jomhouri Avenue, Mirza Kouchak Khan Street

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